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Domestic Ducted Split System Installation, Service and Repairs

Combat The Weather With Effective Split System Repairs and Servicing

Simple and cost effective to use, a split system air conditioner provides effective heating and cooling all year round. Exclusive Air are the premier split system specialists, delivering expert repairs and maintenance in the Hunter Valley including Maitland, Cessnock, Kurri, Newcastle to Lake Macquarie & Central Coast.

A split system unit gives you the flexibility and control to set different rooms of your home at different temperatures. Contact Exclusive Air to ensure your split system unit is effective and ready to cool you throughout the summer months, and keep you toasty warm during those long winters.

Make sure your family is comfortable, healthy and most importantly safe this summer.
Call us to get your healthy home check today.

The Ultimate Service, Maintenance, Repair and Installation Team for your Split System Air Conditioner

At Exclusive Air, our split system repairs and maintenance specialists will make sure you experience total comfort indoors when you want it with quality cooling and heating that delivers results.

Why we choose Inverter Split or ducted air conditioners over non inverters?

Now with high energy costs air conditioners, manufacturers now offer “inverter” technology. When you purchase an air conditioning system, you may notice Inverter or non inverter air conditioning systems. The difference in cost is very minimal. Although a slightly larger outlay at first, you will reap the rewards in quality, comfort and energy costs.

Inverters run a steady cooling and heating temperature with minimal temperature fluctuation in an energy efficient way. The systems we install have temperature sensors which note the current temperature and will adjust the energy usage of the motor accordingly. It’s similar to a car where you increase or decrease the speed by the pressure placed on the pedal.

Our domestic split system air conditioning systems are quieter because instead of turning the motor off when the desired temperature is reached then back on when the temperature has wither decreased or increased, which non inverter models do. Then continue to run at low voltage and current ensuring there’s a smooth temperature achieved throughout.

The inverter systems use approximately 30% less power than non inverter models that are always working much harder to get back to desired temperatures. By doing this there is less chance of breakdown dur to stop and start sequences which occur on non inverters.

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We are specialists in air conditioning Newcastle, Cessnock, Maitland and The Hunter Valley. We are well equipped to install the best inverter split system for your needs. Enjoy our old fashion service and know how.